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Trading of progressive action

The high-class level of conducting a trading company, the presence of a unique strategy in the hands of the best specialists give the result of effective trading in the Forex market and on cryptocurrency exchanges. There is nothing possible if everything is done professionally.

Amount Profit
15 - 500 USD 102 %
501 - 1500 USD 103 %
1501 - 6000 USD 104 %
6001 - 15000 USD 110 %

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after 1 day

The body of the deposit is included in the daily payments along with interest

Amount Profit
15 - 500 USD 109 %
501 - 1500 USD 112 %
1501 - 6000 USD 120 %
6001 - 15000 USD 135 %

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after 3 days

The body of the deposit is included in the daily payments along with interest

Amount Profit
15 - 500 USD 115 %
501 - 1500 USD 125 %
1501 - 6000 USD 135 %
6001 - 15000 USD 200 %

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after 5 day

The body of the deposit is included in the daily payments along with interest

Amount Profit
15 - 500 USD 210 %
501 - 1500 USD 280 %
1501 - 6000 USD 350 %
6001 - 15000 USD 1200 %

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after 25 day

The body of the deposit is included in the daily payments along with interest

investments offer

Aggressive Trading with
Wild Forex LTD
Personal tactic of successful trading

The uniqueness of our company lies in our application of a special aggressive strategy. Such a strategy is not typical for trading on exchanges, since its essence is to maximize the use of high volatility of cryptocurrency.This is quite a “daring” approach and very atypical because it has higher risks.Nevertheless, this strategy has been successfully used by our team of traders and has long been a characteristic for the company and a key factor for its success. We provide our investors with quality services, complete project statistics andthe constant growth of investments. Everyone will have a stable accrual of dividends and the simplest management of investment activity.


The project offers participants additional income in the amount of 3% of the investment activity of each new invited user to the project. Each active participant of the first level will generate income many times after each opening of a deposit in the system.

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Our project provides the best investment conditions for today. We have all the capabilities, means and knowledge to provide decent and continuous earnings regardless of the financial condition of the investor.

Wide availability

We offer the possibility of effective opening of the deposit even with a relatively small deposit
amount of 15 USD.

Fast payments

The system allows you to quickly withdraw funds from the balance. After the request for payment the funds will be transferred in within 24h (usually faster).

Beneficial partnership

Guarantee declared yield of investment proposalswith minimal risk throughout the work of the project.

Transparent transactions

Cooperation between the company and the client is primarily based on honesty, openness and complete safety of the investor’s funds.

A reliable partner is the prospect of future investment

Our team has been engaged in active trading on the financial market for more than eight years, but since the beginning of this year, it has started its business officially. Legalization of our online resource gives us the opportunity to provide people with no problems to personally engage in investment activities. Participation in our project is a promising occupation, which is guaranteed will bring investors a good income that does not require the development of special knowledge and the subtleties of investing.

Registration number: 11670178

Kenton House Oxford Street, Moreton-In-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England, GL56 0LA

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Only the best to protect the project and its clients

The company's service is reliably protected from attacks of distributed denial of service and provides complete protection of the database, which includes customer information, transaction history and investment activity of investors, constantly monitored for the presence of hacker penetration.


- Active protection of the project against DDos attacks.


- Symmetric key exchange encryption.


- 24 hour monitoring of the entire project.

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Only current project statistics

The company provides full reporting of operations, so you can always monitor the investment statistics of the project, which is updated in real time. You can also keep track of your own statistics in your personal account.

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